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Acupuncture-NYC has been providing reliable services to people throughout the New York City area for over 20 years.

Ok! Acupuncture is whacky. On the other hand, it works quite well for a long list of conditions. At Acupuncture-NYC I have made it my goal to bring the time-honored practice of Acupuncture and its powerful benefits into the mainstream, making it available to everyone! Finally, after more than two decades in business, it has happened. THE SHIFT surrounding America’s mindset toward wholistic healthcare IS HERE and I am so PROUD to have been part of this evolution. This, however, was no simple task. Unfortunately, now that healthcare has become more about technology and less about a hands-on approach, I’ve realized that providing excellent healthcare is not enough… It’s now my goal to provide an Acupuncture experience.

Listening brings results.

Listening is key! At Acupuncture-NYC I fully believe that it is my duty to take the time to listen to my patients, to really hear their questions, concerns, and expectations. In my practice I take pride in taking time to evaluate, assess, and treat all while providing explanations that are easily understood. I believe that educating everyone who walks through the door is key to making a better patient. Better patients make for better results and BETTER RESULTS is my specialty at Acupuncture-NYC.

Process and treatment methods.

I strive to maintain the deep traditions of Acupuncture. This means getting to the core of a problem. Daily stresses, illness or injuries, lack of sleep, bad eating habits and lifestyle choices, the aging process and so forth all impact our bodies’ systems. They become tired and sluggish. Over time and left untreated, imbalances begin to occur. These imbalances can develop into many of today’s common health issues. Using Acupuncture, often in combination with modalities like cupping, heat or electric stimulation are safe and effective ways to restore balance, helping to improve your body’s own natural healing potential.

-An Acupuncture treatment, focused on “calming” your mind and body is an excellent way to manage stress and anxiety.
-Combining Acupuncture with small amounts of electric stimulation and cupping helps to manage and even resolve many pain syndromes.
-Acupuncture treatments using moxibustion and other Chinese herbs can restore the imbalances causing fertility issues/concerns that can impede conception.
-Acupuncture treatments and the use of heat naturally boost immune system deficiencies, in turn allowing your body to do what it is designed to do… HEAL ITSELF.

Simply put, adding routine Acupuncture treatments into your life will not only enhance your body’s built-in healing powers allowing you recover on your own, but can also play a pivotal role in helping you maintain optimal health.

NYC Acupuncture Office
NYC Acupuncture Office

Very pleased. Douglas was attentive and thorough. I have a complicated condition which he was well versed in treating. My treatment was very relaxing and I left hopeful that I will be on the mend with a few follow up visits.

Barb S

I always feel energized & balanced after a visit to Douglas. Professional, beautiful studio and the best bedside manner.


I’ve been an acupuncture patient of Douglas Freeman’s for almost 10 years now and his treatment has always been consistent. He is extremely clean and his space are spotless. He is also patient and listens. And as a female I cannot stress this enough-HE LISTENS, which is something that I find doesn’t happen enough when a woman is not feeling well and goes to a conventional western medical clinic or doctor. Douglas also takes the time to explain what he thinks is the proper course for whatever your issue may be. He doesn’t just start working on you without letting you know what he intends to do. Douglas is honest about what acupuncture can and cannot do, as well, which I appreciate. All in all, I feel safe and secure when I go to Douglas for treatment and I never hesitate in recommending him to everyone.

Kim V

By far the best acupuncturist in the city! I came in with back and shoulder pain, gone when I left. Douglas was very knowledgeable and demonstrated that throughout my appointment. I really have no complaints. He even accepted my insurance! Highly recommend!

Micah S

Dr. Freeman has such a dynamic personality, he’s a joy to be around! He assuaged all my anxiety re: needles and made my first experience with acupuncture comfortable and enjoyable. I will definitely go back.

Meghan M

My Process Delivers Long-Term Results

I do not put a band aid on your problem because that is not going to give you the results you want. My treatment methods have centuries old traditions which are focused on deep healing. When I say deep healing, I mean that I go right to the core of the problem, correcting the imbalances that cause issues. For example, my pain management process is all about getting your body to release its own substances that combat pain. Simply put, using Acupuncture, I help your body by stimulating its own healing powers, thus achieving permeant results.

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