Acupuncture-NYC has provided reliable services to people in the New York City area for decades.
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For decades now, Acupuncture-NYC has been providing reliable services to people throughout the New York City area

Let’s face it… Acupuncture is whacky! On the other hand, it works very, very well for a long list of conditions: pain management, stress reduction and fertility concerns, just to name a few. As healthcare is becoming more about technology and less about a hands-on approach one of our goals at Acupuncture-NYC is to bring the time-honored practice of Acupuncture into the 21st century, with the hope of making it as mainstream as possible. With nearly 2 decades of experience we know this is no simple task and understand that in order to do so we cannot ONLY provide excellent healthcare.

The importance of LISTENING…

We understand how important it is to listen. At Acupuncture-NYC we believe it’s our duty take the time to really hear our patients, to listen to their questions, concerns and expectations. We take pride in giving answers and providing explanations in ways that are easily understood. We believe that by educating everyone who walks through our door about this “non-traditional” form of health care will make you a better patient. In turn, better patients make for better results and RESULTS are our specialty at Acupuncture-NYC.

Treatment Methods/Our Process…

Our treatment methods have deep traditions in Acupuncture, focusing on the deep healing of the body. When we say deep healing, we mean that we go right to the core of the problem and correct the imbalances that can cause many issues. For example with our pain management process we use Acupuncture, sometimes with the help of electric stimulation to help your body to release its own pain relieving substances, thus giving you your life back. Our weight control program focuses on getting your body back into balance by using Acupuncture, diet and herbal medicine, which combined helps you to stay focused on your goals and get results. Using our strategic use of Acupuncture methods can also help you to overcome many of the fertility issues that are preventing you from starting the family you have always wanted. Finally with Acupuncture and other modalities we can help with immune system deficiencies by breaking down the barriers in your body that have prevent your immune system from doing its job.

Simply put, sometimes our bodies need a little help and Acupuncture gives us that extra boost that, among other things, helps improve our body’s built-in healing powers, allowing us to maintain optimal health, to recover on its own and achieve permanent results.

NYC Acupuncture Office
NYC Acupuncture Office
  • “I called his office with horrible back pain. He booked me in at the end of his day. Thankfully he took his time and explained all that he was doing. This really helped ease my anxiety about my very first Acupuncture treatment. What a great bed-side manner. My back felt much better after the treatment and was gone by the next day!!! Now I’m hooked on Acupuncture. Douglas was great!”

  • “I am a confirmed cynic. Don’t like doctors or fussing in general. Spent years ignoring my stomach problems. I always had a suspicion that my troubles were rooted in stress. At the urging of a family member I went to see Mr. Freeman. The intelligent questions and caring surprised me. Following a pleasant and painless process, I experienced relief for the first time. Put aside your preconceived notions and give yourself the gift of real relief.”

  • “Where do I begin? Meeting Doug changed my life! From the music to the touch, he has brought a calm and joy into my life that I recommend to everyone. I went to Doug for facial Acupuncture but he has brought me so much more well being than I even imagined. He graciously shares/brings this hour or two to you! Doug has a calm most doctor’s dream to embody and is blessed to share what ever he can with each and every patient. Listen and dream. I tried Acupuncture before and Doug made it make sense.”

  • “I had never had Acupuncture before and I was a bit nervous, luckily Douglas was so kind and professional. I highly recommend Douglas to any one who hasn’t had Acupuncture, and feels like they need to be talked through it. And if you’re a Acupuncture pro- I would still recommend Douglas, for he has worked miracles!”

  • “I highly recommend Douglas. Being new to having Acupuncture I wasn’t sure what to expect. In just a few sessions I have already have seen a world of difference. Douglas is very personable. I felt extremely comfortable with him.”

  • “Acupuncture with Douglas was great and I’m going again. It was the first Acupuncture experience for me and he was descriptive of exactly what he was going to do, step by step (with the option of not letting me know, if the other would freak me out) Most of all it works out because of his kind, funny and relaxed demeanor. I haven’t another Acupuncturist to compare him to but that’s not really important: I went in with specific pain, I came out pain free and feeling great. Try him out.”

  • “I have been going to Douglas for years to help with my migraine headaches and other aches and pain from stressful city life and he is amazing. My migraines have decreased from occurring monthly to a couple of times a year. He has also helped with my back and neck pain and has been crucial to my making it through marathon training this year. He also provides and relaxing and fun environment which is amazing since the whole process involves needles. If you need a new way to deal with pain that is lasting, you owe it to yourself to make an appointment with Douglas.”

  • “Went to see Douglas for help treating asthma. I tried all the traditional medicine treatments and they didn’t really help so I though why not give Acupuncture a try. I started feeling better right after the first treatment. Douglas did a complete evaluation and tailored a treatment specific to my condition. The office has a very peaceful vibe and the location is perfect. By the way if you are afraid of needles there is nothing to worry about – it’s painless.”

    Kate L.

Our Process Delivers Long-Term Results

We do not put a band aid on your problem because that is not going to give you the results you want. We get right to the core of the issue and tear down those walls your body has built up that prevent you from getting the most out of life. Our treatment methods have deep traditions in Acupuncture, which are focused on the deep healing of the body. When we say deep healing, we mean that we go right to the core of the problem and correct the imbalances that cause issues. For example our pain management process is all about getting your body to release its own substances that combat pain and give you your life back and our weight control program is about getting your body back into balance helping you to stay focused on your goals. Through Acupuncture, we help your body to use its own healing powers to get permanent results.

Contact us today and make an appointment to discuss just how the time-honored tradition of Acupuncture can help you to get the most out of life.