Therapeutic, Relaxation Massage Therapy (60 or 90 Minutes)

  • Deep tissue, full body massage consisting of slow, deep pressure on all muscle groups. A perfect way to relax and unwind.

Weight Loss

  • A series of Acupuncture treatments focused on stress-relief and targeting the individual client’s metabolic and digestive concerns. **Herbal medicine is often used in weight loss.

Urban Renewal (75 minutes)

  • Combines the stress relief of deep-tissue Massage Therapy with the detoxifying and energy enhancing benefits of Acupuncture. This process is the ultimate in revitalizing a tired body and an overworked mind!

Acupuncture for the Sole (60 minutes)

  • This is an Acupuncture treatment focusing  on your feet.  Your feet carry a huge load, all day and every day.  That load is YOU!  If you suffer from a painful foot condition or simply have sore , tired feet then this is the treatment for you.  Includes foot massage and stretches.