Urban beings are hard-working professionals. We are young and not so young. We are stay-at-home moms and dads, students, artists, and athletes. We are busy and constantly on the go and all of us looking (or should be) for ways to unwind and handle our stress. Along with being an effective form of treatment for many medical conditions, Acupuncture and massage therapy are excellent options to help boost energy, improve sleep, keep weight under control, and help manage the stress in our lives.

Anyone who lives in an urban setting knows the kind of the constant craziness urban beings are up against. Located across from the stunning Flatiron Building, a short block away from Madison Square Park and just few moments’ walk from Union Square Acupuncture-NYC is centrally located in one of NYC’s finest neighborhoods. Our calm and peaceful office is easily accessible by most trains and many busses. This means that you can easily make time for yourself to help to keep your stress levels way down while dealing with daily grind of urban life.

Urban ReVamp

Our Urban Revamp program focuses on the patient’s digestive issues and weight loss obstacles using Acupuncture and herbal medication. Each person is different when it comes to weight management and weight loss, which is why Acupuncture is the perfect solution for helping you to maintain your weight.

As an urban being, you don’t always have the time to get to the gym or get the exercise you need to stay healthy. We show you how to eat right, and then we enhance your body’s ability to utilize nutrients and remove waste. With our program, you will feel your best and get the most from the foods you eat.

Urban ReNewal

Many Urban Beings are also Urban Professionals who tend to work a lot, often to the point of exhaustion. Eventually, no matter your age, this begins to have a negative effect on health. Our Urban Renewal protocol uses a combination of deep tissue, massage therapy for relaxation and stress relief and Acupuncture, to work on a deeper level, stimulating the body’s innate abilities to function optimally, helping to remove toxins and tension from your body. As a result everything from sleep to metal clarity is improved, which gives us MORE ENERGY.

Our Urban Renewal program is popular because it is a gradual, natural, and effective way to shake off the negative effects of urban living. Whether you are a mom who just wants time to herself or a hard-working professional looking for a way to chill, every part of you will benefit from our Urban Renewal protocol.

REMEMBER…..living in New York City means combating the effects of being an urban being. At Acupuncture-NYC, we recognize those challenges and these, specific programs are designed and set up to help urban beings feel healthy, energized and to get the most out of life.

Payment by cash, check, VISA, MasterCard or American Express is due at time of treatment. Please be advised that there is a $50 same day cancellation or no-show fee.